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Innovation Management by Novo

07.03.2017 – At the end of the 1980s Novo Klinik-Service GmbH became a pioneer in the tracheal tube holder product segment with the “BePa-Clip®”. Until today, nothing has changed in innovation power, ingenuity and strong practical relevance in product development.

Novo products have been developed in close cooperation with intensive care specialists and nursing staff since its founding in 1987. Even just the processes in product design and construction have changed considerably with the impact of amended legal framework and ISO regulations over the last decades.

The drive for new development often stems directly from the user, and this need arises from daily clinical practice. For example, a product is required which optimises the work processes within a therapy, which helps conserve the scarce resources in the day to day life of a ward.

When setting the objectives for a new product, the future users are directly involved. The actual use for a therapy’s success is discussed with the users and the requirements for a strictly user-oriented product design and practicality are defined. This approach in the early stages of the new development of a product is one of the keys to the future market success for Novo Klinik-Service GmbH.

One such example is “ECMO-Fix”, a fixation for arterial or venous catheters when using an extracorporeal cardiovascular and circulatory support system (ECLS / ECMO). ECMO therapy is considered to be a high intensive care challenge for the treatment team of doctors, nursing staff and perfusionists due to its complexity. ECMO-Fix prevents vitally threatening complications that arise from a dislocation of the arterial or venous tubes caused by iatrogenic conditions or by the patient.

Product design and construction of ECMO-Fix began in 2015 in a structured and planned development process which included intensive care specialists and nursing staff. A cardiac surgeon from the University Hospital of Cologne and a team of intensive care staff and perfusionists from a German ECMO center were involved. Today, the patent-pending product has been successfully introduced to intensive care units and ECMO centres in Germany and abroad. The medical portal “DeviceMed” chose the ECMO fixation in February 2017 as the Medtech patent of the week.

The ECMO-Fix 1 is used for veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation through the jugular vein. The ECMO-Fix 2 is used for extracorporeal support through the femoral vein and can also be used in iLA®/PECLA processes.

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