NEW at Novo | Jack Pro® 24-36-48h SET

||NEW at Novo | Jack Pro® 24-36-48h SET

NEW at Novo | Jack Pro® 24-36-48h SET

20.12.2017 – From now on, in the range of oral hygiene, we offer the expert solution Oral Hygiene Concept® also as a set for single patient use.

Jack Pro® 24-36-48h SET is a product system for biocompatible oral cleansing, germ reduction and wound care. It is used particularly for patients with a weakened immune system, patients in geriatrics and oncology, ventilated patients and patients with dysphagia.

In addition to the well-known system of dosing bottles or therapy bags, the expert solution is now also available as a set for single patient use.

It should be applied according to a 3-step-system:

1 |  Orale cleansing: Jack Pro® Gel plus serves as a professional care for tongue, teeth, mouth and implants.

2 |  Oral germ reduction: Jack Pro® Liquid plus is a mouth rinse for cleansing, reducing germs and wound care.

3 |  Oral wound care: After the use of the rinsing, Jack Pro® Gel plus is again applied in the oral cavity, tongue and mucous membranes. The combination of both Jack Pro® products helps to restore the oral flora and promotes wound healing.

More information:
Jack Pro® 24-36-48h SET product information


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