Jack Pro® 24-36-48h UNIT

Product System for Oral Cleansing, Germ Reduction and Wound Care

||Jack Pro® 24-36-48h UNIT

Jack Pro® 24-36-48h UNIT

Jack Pro® 24-36-48h UNIT is a product system for biocompatible oral cleansing, germ reduction and wound care.







  • Biocompatible: Maintaining the ecological balance of the oral flora, respectively supporting the regeneration
  • Mild ingredients – gentle to the oral cavity, teeth and gingiva
  • Permanently applicable – can be used daily



Jack Pro® 24-36-48h UNIT should be applied according to a 3-step-system:

1 |  Oral cleansing: Jack Pro® Gel plus serves as a professional care for tongue, teeth, mouth and implants. The oral hygiene gel is free from abrasives and thus gentle to the teeth, gingivae and dentures. Due to the reliable removal of plaque the fluoride-containing biocompatible gel can be used daily. The gel is applied by oral swabs, toothbrush (with or without suction) or is used by direct application in the mouth.

2 |  Oral germ reduction: Jack Pro® Liquid plus is a mouth rinse for cleansing, reducing germs and wound care. The rinsing supports and maintains the oral cavity’s natural defense function and protects from halitosis. Due to gentle ingredients, it can be permanently used, as there occurs no tooth discolouration. Jack Pro® Liquid plus is free of sugar, alcohol and chlorhexidine. It is applied undilutedly for rinsing and gargling.

3 |  Oral wound care: After the use of the rinsing, Jack Pro® Gel plus is again applied in the oral cavity, tongue and mucous membranes. The combination of both Jack Pro® products helps to restore the oral flora and promotes wound healing.

According to the oral care standard, the set is to be used as follows:

  • Every 4 hours (6x in 24h)
  • Every 6 hours (4x in 24h)
  • Every 8 hours (3x in 24h)



  • Intensive medical care
  • Oncological care
  • Diabetic care
  • Patients with alcohol abuse
  • Pediatrics
  • Wound management and modern wound care
  • Infection and hygiene management
  • Dental hygiene and prophylaxis



REF Product Description Pcs per SU
41005 Jack Pro® 24-36-48h UNIT 2x Jack Pro® Gel plus 30 ml
1x Jack Pro® Liquid plus 35 ml
in dispenser box



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